With more than 20 years of manufacturing experiences in knitted fabrics, Shining Textile Sdn Bhd is among the top-most manufacturers of superior fabrics within Malaysia.  Based in Batu Pahat,  the textiles center in the country,   the company is equipped with more than 50 sets of high speed modern knitting machines of all types, which are well managed by the professional work team in the company,   Shining Textile Sdn  Bhd  is constantly been reputed as the leading knitted Fabric in this town and the country.

We supply exclusive collections of knitted fabrics in various designs & construction such as Single Jersey Interlock, RIB, Eyelet, Pique & Lacoste, Mesh Knit, Jacquard Knit, Flat Knit, etc.  The fabric materials range from T/C, CVC, 100% Polyester Spandex, MicroFiber, and even Sub MicroFiber,  Super MicroFiber,  Ultra MicroFiber.

On top of the above mentioned yarns and knit constructions,  we also specialize in developments on functional effects of special knitted fabrics,  like the lately popular quick dry moisture managements,  cool & comfort,  sweat wicking,  wrinkle free,  odor free,  anti-bacterial, bio-polish,  cross staining free and high-stretch fabrics,  all exclusively best selling fabrics in the market.

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