Knitting Division  :  With the most efficient and latest knitting machines we have,  it is significant that we are producing fabrics in a high quality in terms of both quality and quantity.   We are confident to have our fabrics dispatched and despatched on the assigned date with a high quality maintained at the same time.   Last but not least, the knitting technique of our technician are well trained and ready to serve the customer anytime in the future.

Research & Development Department :  In order to maintain or even surpass the expectations and requirements of our customers,  our R&D team had been engaging with the customers to meet their need and wants for the past 20 years.  As a result, we had created a trustworthy relationship between us and the customers.  In so doing, the communication had lead us to creating fabrics with high quality and specific function at the same time.  For example, our fabric possessed dry moisture management, wicking, cooling, anti bacterial, anti odour, bio polish cross stained free, high stretch and so on, for customers to consider for their custom made fabrics.  Besides that, we also put eco friendly concern into serious consideration and which we are focusing and devoting ourselves into.

QC / Inspection Division  :  Quality is always a major factor that we are concerned for our products. We had an experienced team of quality checking operatives monitoring the quality and cutting down defects that were spotted on the products.  Thereby, we would ensure we are striving for the best that we could produce for the customers.

Warehouse  :  Over the past 20 years that Shining had been operating, we had an efficiently working system that was managing the warehouse in order to keep it clean and spacious.  It was never an easy path to maintain and arrange our fabric shelves in such organized matter.    As a matter of result, it would always be a place that would be widely admired by the visitors and customers.